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Зображення 01167. Pityriasis rubra pilaris on the knees

Автори: RaimoSuhonen, SuviCajanus
Редактори оригінального тексту: -
Дата останнього оновлення: 2009-01-23

Pityriasis rubra pilaris (PRP) is a rare skin disorder, and even rarer in children. The orange-red scaly eruption resembles psoriasis. It often starts in the head region and then spreads downwards. In some cases, almost the entire body is involved (picture [зображення 01168|Pityriasis rubra pilaris…]). Follicular papules are typical. Signs of scratching reveal that the rash is itchy. There is hyperkeratosis of the palms, i.e. palmar keratoderma. The disorder has several different types, some of which are chronic and also hereditary.