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Зображення 01003. Monofilament test

Редактори оригінального тексту: -
Дата останнього оновлення: 2007-10-17

The monofilament test is a rapid, reproducible and cheap method for testing diabetic neuropathy. It is a good predictor of ulceration risk. A 10-gram nylon filament is used. There are in total 10 test points per foot (figure A) but the result from testing only the three points marked with × is almost as reliable. The patient lies supine with the eyes closed and the filament is pressed against the skin at right angles for approximately one second with a force that makes the filament bend (figure B). Both feet are examined similarly. Even one point with loss of sensation means a pathological finding. A normal result may be recorded e.g. 10/10 l.a. (or 3/3 l.a.), and a pathological one e.g. 8/10 l.dx, 10/10 l.sin.